ioox Crypto Ring 2.0

We imagined the future

ioox Ring

2.0 series

ioox Ring

2.0 series

ioox Ring

2.0 series

Follow the Future

ioox's primary goal is to make the ioox payment technology used by the masses, creating financial inclusion. Participating in the ioox project means being part of the future. Transactions via wearable device are 40% faster and within a few years they will completely replace credit or debit card transactions. Today is an important day for us.

" The cryptocurrencies do not serve any purpose, IF THEY ARE NOT USED "

Andrea N.

IOOX Coin Is Releasing a Wearable ioox-ring 2.0 Cryptocurrency Payment Device

Users can pay for a coffee and more with a wearable ring.


  Blockchain and wearable technology is one of the most trending technologies now a days. Everyone is talking and discussing about its potential. As the global market for wearable devices increases over 270 percent, from 91.5 million shipments in 2015 to 340 million in 2020, the wearable payments attach rate will reach 45 percent of the market in 2020.The main reason behind this hype is Blockchain Technology because it brings transparency and security into wearable technology and it does this by decentralizing the data it collects and making it accessible, when the owner permits it, to others.

  As we know that today’s businesses have been growing along with the technological developments, such as Industry 4.0, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, blockchain and wearable technology in order to create not only fully digital and traceable but also transparent, reliable and secured environments. Cryptocurrency market is growing in popularity, attracting investors and sending crypto values to ever new heights. But, the market currently lacks the technology necessary for everyday use in real-world scenarios.

  IOOX coin is looking to reform this technological gap. They have developed the world’s first wearable ring to pay in cryptocurrency and USD especially for microtransactions. Named IOOX-Ring 2.0, this device allows the wearer to pay for products with the ioox coin or usd. Users can add funds to their Finger-mounted “Ring” using an online wallet. It is compatible with any point-of-sale system. For customers, IOOX-Ring offers several advantages over traditional credit cards. Payments made via the wearable Ring are nearly immediate and a card number or private key is never displayed. Simply you can pay every day with crypto with your Ioox-Ring. So now you do not need a phone or credit card or any to pay for coffee or lunch. The main aim of IOOX team is to make ease in the use of Digital payment system.


Cryptocurrency are not yet used in everyday life. ioox coin WANTS TO SOLVE this problem with ioox ring 2.0.
In effect Wearable payment devices grow in number of use, every day and Ioox coin will be the first coin to have its own device
Now you can really start using your Cryptocurrency to pay a coffe, a beer, a sandwich, every day. WITH IOOX COIN

Our Vision

We have imagined the future. The future closest to us for payment systems. To do this we must forget our present and project our thoughts over time. We are entering a new world, without paper payment instruments, without old credit cards. Our Jhon of the future will leave the house, enter a coffee shop and pay with our ioox coin by putting his ioox ring to chest reader.

How to Buy ioox ring

Fill out the booking form.
You ll can buy ioox Ring only with the native ioox coin. The price of the beta version payment device is 40,000 ioox for the Black version. Other versions with customized colors will be available.
You can buy ioox coin through MEW or directly on our website


iOOX coin and the Crypto Revolution

the problem of cryptocurrencies today? is that they are not yet used in daily life.