Interview/ IOOX Coin CEO
Discusses Future
of Wearable payment devices

Today, I spoke to Andreaniero, The CEO of IOOX Coin and raises the questions that why you create ioox coin? How ioox coin is different from other cryptos? As Daily new cryptocurrencies are coming in the Market.

Andreaniero Explained me that IOOX coin integrates crypto-based currencies into a Blockchain ecosystem with current payment systems. You can carry out daily micro-transactions, every day with ioox coin and the ioox wearable systems (ring or bracelet) and set the daily budget through the remote setting. He believes that cryptocurrency do not serve any purpose, If they are not used in daily life. He tells me the primary goal of Ioox’s that to make the ioox payment technology used by the masses, creating financial inclusion. Participating in the Ioox project means being part of the future. As Transactions via wearable devices are 40% faster and within a few years they will completely replace credit or debit card transactions.

As our conversation went on, Andreaniero tells me that his young team with a clear vision also studying a wallet that works with integrated exchange. Every day the wallet sells the coin with the best performance and the amount makes it available on the wearable payment device. Like How many coins do you sell? If a daily budget of 15 USD is set in the set-up then 15 dollars of crypto are sold. If today the user does not spend anything, and the availability of the ring is still 15USD, the wallet does not sell anything. Andreaniero claims that Ioox coin surpass Bitcoin and other altcoin in some aspects: instant transactions, transparency, reliability, Flexibility and efficiency.  



Why ioox coin

you are part of this wonderful and visionary cryptocurrency relaunch project.
ioox coin launches ioox ring, the first wearable payment device to pay in Crypto.
You can buy ioox ring only with ioox coin

Use ioox coin

It's easier
you can send and receive ioox coins every day by downloading the TrustWallet app.
It is simple and cheap.


  - ERC20 token standard compliant
  - Fast
  - Smart & Programmable

Token Info:
 - Address: 0xf6923F7d96fc22c4b8010a865e41cF7edfB6379C
  - Token name : ioox
  - Token decimals : 0
  - Token standard : ERC20
  - Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
  - Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

HOw do you benefit from the coin? 

The investors benefit differently from users. Some of the benefits that investors enjoy include the following
a)     Increased in the value of the currency proportional to the number of use
b)     Solve the technological support ring or bracelet with the Ioox brand.
Some of the benefits that users will enjoy include:
a)     High transaction speed
b)     Transparency
c)     Reliability

What does the Ioox coin do?

The Ioox coin is unique because it is the first cryptocurrency with wearable payment devices, which include Ioox rings. The main aim is to achieve mass adoption of the coin because it will be adopted into our everyday activities such as payment for coffee, beer, sandwich or even laundry. The coin is suitable for most people since most of us carry out transactions of less than 10 dollars a day. It will replace micro-transactions with cash or credit cards that we all carry out daily. Transactions via wearables are b40% faster, and within a few years, they will completely replace credit or debit card transactions.
In addition to conducting payments, you can do the following with your payment devices.
•   Store your necessary information such as your blood type, allergies, residence, steps taken per day and your life expectancy.
•   Set a daily budget through remote setting.
•   Set daily payment limits
•   Track monthly expenses